Strings Menu Holder A4 | A5

Strings Menu Holder with Strings promises a captivating presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your patrons.

  • Size Options A4 | A5
  • Practical Versatility
  • Charming String Detailing 
  • Environmental Commitment

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Size: A4
  • A5
  • A4
Engraving: No
  • No
  • Yes
Inserts: No
  • No
  • Yes

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Introducing the Strings Menu Cover – a timeless culinary presentation piece that seamlessly marries history, craftsmanship, and understated elegance. Crafted from wood sourced from one hundred-year-old houses, each menu cover tells a unique story with natural cavities and wormholes, providing a rustic charm that sets it apart.

Key Features:

  • Natural Brown Wood Finish: The menu cover features a plain brown wood finish, showcasing the raw beauty of the carefully selected wood and providing an understated yet classic appearance.
  • Convenient Size (A4): Tailored for A4 menus, the Strings Menu Cover offers a perfect fit for various dining establishments.
  • Practical Versatility: Designed for easy customization, the menu cover accommodates A4 clear document pouches, facilitating seamless updates to your menu items.
  • Charming String Detailing: The carefully integrated strings add a rustic touch while serving a functional purpose – keeping your menus secure and organized.
  • Environmental Commitment: Our commitment to sustainability is evident, ensuring responsible sourcing practices and contributing to environmental conservation.


  • Material: Carefully selected wood with natural cavities and wormholes from one hundred-year-old houses.
  • Finish: Natural brown wood finish, allowing the raw beauty of the wood to shine through.
  • Size Options: Available in A4 to cater to various menu formats.
  • Versatility: Accommodates A4 clear document pouches for easy customization.
  • String Detailing: Integrated strings for added charm and functional organization.
  • Environmental Consideration: Committed to sustainability, ensuring responsible wood sourcing and contributing to environmental conservation.

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, upscale dining establishments, and special events, the Strings Menu Cover promises a captivating presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your patrons with its natural and timeless appeal.

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